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RockAuto offers the detail of customer service for its existing as well as potential customers that can help them in conveying their feedback of its products and services. As a customer of the RockAuto, if you face any query, feedback, complaint or suggestions related to its products and services then you can contact the RockAuto customer service team through its contact detail, email id as well as customer service number that may or may not be tollfree. RockAuto has shown its customer service address detail for its customers that are shown below.
Address detail : 6418 Normandy Lane, Madison, Wisconsin 53719, United States of America
customer service number : 1-608-661-1376, +1-866-7625-2886

RockAuto Customer Service Number

Email address : [email protected]
Below, we are showing a complaint box, where you can post your experiences, complaints, queries, feedback or any type of problem related to the products and services of the RockAuto.
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Comments (70) on RockAuto

Ken Hoff:

Hello: I am trying to order a few parts and it won't accept my Canadian Visa or paypal acct for payment, so my order is not going throgh. Everything is in SD, even thogh I am entering a canadian address and asking for conversion $$. What do I need to do??Posted on Sep 14, 2016


Hello! I bought a 2003 Audi A4 convertible and need windshield washer blades. Can you tell which to order, please? Thank you, JuliePosted on Sep 10, 2016

Robert Borkowski:

I placed an order for a Rack and Pinion Complete order 50250392. I don't want to send this order back. Do I get credit for sending back a core?Posted on Sep 05, 2016


I am already ROCKAUTO client, but this purchase was deceived. I bought a compressor 68454 code in the amount of US $ 345.79 (order number 50281718) with temperature sensor. Along came the merchandise a warning that the model was replaced by another without temperature sensor. Besides not being the piece I bought this new compressor costs US $ 175.79 price .Difference of $ 170.00. Unlike the tax paid in excess of US $ 131.54. The total damage caused by my ROCKAUTO was US $ 301.54 (paid higher). I'm pretty angry. If you no longer have this model available, should withdraw from the catalog or notify the customer. I await a solution. My data is on your registration. I have all the documents to prove it.Posted on Aug 29, 2016


I ordered online the parts (power brake booster) order confirmation 50804285 total of $ 141.78 and may I know what is the process of bring it back the old part for the core of $35.00? can you please let me know what is the right thing to do for this process. I really appreciate your help. thank you and have a nice day.Posted on Aug 28, 2016

David wright:

I am trying to generate a core return label that was included with the original shipping costs of the replacement motor. The order number is 48424740 please look into this..Posted on Aug 22, 2016

Michael callaghan:

I ordered the wrong part it did arrive I was supposed to of ordered the cpv not the canister vent valve I didn't install and can send it back in original box and packaging I need the canister purge valve please email a return slip so I can return and send me the part I need thanks.Posted on Aug 21, 2016

Yevgeniy Mitilev:

My order number is 46742815. It says i can't return one of the parts i got but i just tries installing them today and they did not fit my car like they said it would. I was seeing if i cold at least send them back and get in store credit. Yo should also change it so it says that it doesn't fit the mazdaspeed6.Posted on Aug 17, 2016

l caride:

order#49883079 this is a kit with 4 parts. after install, the compressor is not working properly. do i need to take all the parts off or could i send back the compressor only the original was a denso. this one is GPD. would that make a difference? thanks CaridePosted on Aug 12, 2016

Rose Lease:

I need a transmission solenoid kit for my 2005 mercury mountaineer, 4.0L, V6, AWD I am having a hard time locating it on this site. Please call or Email me the part # so I may order it.. Phone # 410-905-0027Posted on Aug 11, 2016


I am having trouble ordering parts for my 2006 Kia Sorrento V6 ignition coils 3 on one side and 3 plug wires on the right. I also need bushings for idler arm. Can you please call or email me at [email protected] cell (323)246-0672. This is my first time with Rock Auto. Thank you.Posted on Aug 05, 2016

Erik Camacho:

My name is Erik Camacho. Im having trouble ordering parts for my 2006 Kia Sorrento V6 ignition coils 3 on one side and 3 plug wires on the right. I also need bushings for idler arm. Can you please call or email me at [email protected] cell # (323)246-0672. This is my first time with Rock Auto. Thank you.Posted on Aug 05, 2016

Chad Shows:

I just ordered and had the heater core replaced in my 99 f150. I had a mechanic to do this due to the dash having to be removed. Less than 200 miles later the new heater core is pouring fluid. Now I'm without a truck. What can you do to help? My order number is RockAuto Order Confirmation 48133845.Posted on Aug 01, 2016

James Keahey:

I am attempting to return a pair of camber shims ordered. The volume of questions being asked for one of the two parts is obscene. I ordered parts you said would fit. They don't. I cannot even speak to a real person regarding the issue. Additionally, I am to pay shipping of an unknown amount on what will probably equal the cost of the parts themselves. At this point, I'm not even concerned about a return and getting reimbursed due to a lack of reasonable support. I do not plan on ordering from rock auto ever again. Also the vowel button you seems to not register with the software here. Please fill in the blanks.Posted on Jul 30, 2016

Jose L Gonzalez:

I need help my order says schip but I didn't get it is some where else I need to talk with someone on the phone or please send me my order 49041410..Posted on Jul 28, 2016

Van Peterson:

We received a large package at my correct address 9775 Lara Lane Drive, Sandy tah 84092 addressed to Angela Harvey. We did not request an order from you and do not know who Angela Harvey is. contact me at [email protected]..Posted on Jul 23, 2016


I ordered 2 stabilizer bars only received one of them. did not receive the left no. MEV GK90454 for a 2005 Honda CR-V my order no is 49136676. thank you for checking on this.Posted on Jul 22, 2016

Ron Hollis:

I have tried many times to contact a real person in reference to an order I received. Invoice 47101883 is not as described or packaged incorrectly. Please have someone contact me for details. 770-318-1332. ThanksPosted on Jul 21, 2016

William Farmer:

I bought a Va compressor kit from rock auto the compressor when out in less than a year I was out of town and my wife drives a black mustang she had to have a because the heat index is about 110 so she went to a Va shop to have it checked out and the compressor was bad she had it replaced which cost me 500 dollars because she needed a now rock auto say's that I should have called them to get it replaced with me Bing out of town I have a bad compressor that I can send back and they will send me another one and I should have called them first and I could have them send a new one out not carrying about the temperature and my wife I sent a lot of customers to them now I will tell to stop ordering from y'all and everyone else I know.Posted on Jul 19, 2016


I have a 2003 Tahoe and need a right rear tail light assembly. The catalog shows an old style socket and a new style socket. Is there pictres of the back of these assemblies to see the difference? My sockets have the three tabs on them to twist and lock in. Is that the old or new style??? Thanks RonPosted on Jul 18, 2016

sonia lee:

hello I entered information incorrectly on the exchange part when i was answering questions and made a mistake and it will not allow me to go back, I need to speak or get a hold of the person who will be able to handle my order problem. My order is 44250610. Motor mounts ANCHOR 9024 are incorrect for my specific vehicle. The catalog states that the engine mounts listed are for my vehicle i ordered and now when we tried to installing them in, we saw that or part needs to be the circled mounts not the square ones.The catalog does not show or offer any for my vehicle. I don't want refund back rather a credit or an exchange will be appreciated. Please advise. Thank You Sincerely Sonia LeePosted on Jul 14, 2016

keith l mcgahhey:

I want to order a replacement compressor for my son's 2001 Toyota four runner sr5. The online pics display a serpentine belt pulley, yet those vehicle s have a three separate drive belts system.Posted on Jul 13, 2016


on 11/25/15 i ordered a radiator for a 1980 chevy c 60. the side tank of the radiator blew at the seam where it is mated. i need to know what kind of warranty, if any this radiator has. order confirmation # 39274099 part # 8010459Posted on Jul 12, 2016


Purchased a part that has a core charge. Need to know process to send core back .Posted on Jul 12, 2016

Juan Martinez:

Hello I purchased ac Delco shocks from you guys this week. I'm not sure if I purchased both front and both rear shocks? Since it does not say quantity. Any who the package arrived and I only got one for the front and one for the rear. I just wanted to make sure If I did or didn't. If not would I need to purchase same part numbers for the front and rear shocks? Thank you.Posted on Jul 09, 2016

Michael Dix:

Here is or order 48410994 and I ordered the parts from you on Wed and did not get the order till the 5th and I paid for 2 day shipping and the amount of 32.00 please refund me some or all of it please and credit my card ASAP?? Thanks Mike and Deborah In Sarasota FlPosted on Jul 05, 2016

Pamela Callahan:

I need to return 1 item I ordered on Order #48017775. My email is [email protected] My printer is not working so I cannot print out the information on the Order status and return page. What can I do to get this part returned.Posted on Jun 27, 2016

Tony Ngyen:

My ordered number is 47962448, it should arrive on 6/16/16. But until now i have not received it.Posted on Jun 25, 2016

Roberto Carbonell:

Hello, I just received the ignition distributor assembly that I ordered. I check the website for the specific car and I found the same parts that are also brand new being sold at a much cheaper price. Can I still return my part and get a refund? Please advice. Thank you.Posted on Jun 24, 2016

Mary Ann Kinder:

Was wondering if our order has shipped, my husband forgot to add our email address, but his name is TODD KINDER P.O.BOX 95 COSTA WV 25051Posted on Jun 24, 2016

Rifat Hssain:

I have purchased an axle for my Volvo v-70 2001 trbo(part # Order 47402513).I am not a mechanic and I gave the part to my mechanic and left the car with him yesterday afternoon.I got a call from him that this a wrong part and does not appear to fit.Today I got on you web site for a return/replacement.I was asked the question if it had been installed to which I replied yes as I assumed that is how the mechanic met have discovered that it did not fit.Your web site said the part is not returnable.I called the mechanic and he tells me that the part was not installed.Please Help me. Mechanics name is Dane Christiansen,Phone number 6059298499.Thank you.Posted on Jun 21, 2016

Justin schrader:

I was wondering on rotors for a 2011 Chevy traverse are they single or two for the money.Posted on Jun 19, 2016

Frank Barton:

I was in need of an ignition brain for a 2000 dodge Dakota. Your employees did nothing to help me. I am a 65 year old man asking for assistance, and they pt me on hold for one half hour. My letter isn't working. I shall let everyone I know how rude this company is. Thanks Frank Barton. 17850 n 17th way. Phoenix AZ. 85022Posted on Jun 17, 2016

Gerry Reid:

My order for a fuel neck was received and installed successfully. Order no 46453755. However the fuel cap normally used on my 2006 Montana 3.5 2 wheel drive car doesn't fit and I am getting check gas cap and engine check lights. The cap recommended is very loose. Even when locked. Do you have any idea of how to find the right cap? Are there any other cars that use the same neck?Posted on Jun 02, 2016

gabriel qevedo:

I am talking about this order number 46090523, the shipper mentioned there was a problem of the delivery address. everything is right except the zip code it should read as 08844. The shipper returned the the package to you in May 10, 2016 according to them. Please effect the correction on the zip code and ship it back. Thank yo for kind attention on the matter. Anyway, my deliver address was the default one and I have no idea how and why the zip code number was change.Posted on May 18, 2016

Kevin Grigsby:

I am looking for information on a order I placed # 46072330 Tracking# RE51931987SE. the website does did not recognize the tracking no# was it shipped? and what is with the poor access to customer service? I will think twice before ordering from this site again.Posted on May 14, 2016


Placed an order for a bearing and hob, tried to apply 5% off from an internet coupon, it did not work this time nor did it work with the one I tried just 2 weeks ago. Please take off the 5% on my order.Posted on May 11, 2016


hi i am wondering when the rest of my items will be shipped as i ordered them April 30/16 the site said 1 day delay on some of my parts its now been 6 days since i have ordered and it still says at warehouse be my order # is 45734441 thanks...Posted on May 06, 2016

vernon weisenbrger:

I need to return a damaged part, have not received an answer back after filling the report with images order #45524896 my cell is 612 661 1376. I'm not happy with the service I received.Posted on May 06, 2016

tony Rm:

I ordered part ATP TA10 and received WIX24302. I have a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 3.6l. When I tried to process the return it show part not wanted??? What is is going on?? Now you want me to pay return shipping???Why??Posted on May 05, 2016


I ordered a fuel pump assembly part # e3586m. order #4362232 I installed it everything's good but the wiring harness want fit I need to order the right one just the pigtail to splice in please contact me soon so I can get up and running I've looked all over can't find one it has to pair with #e3586 thanks 478-357 -6255.Posted on May 01, 2016

Jordan Geary:

Was charged 2 times for something. I never got a confirmation email. Help I'm a poor college student who needs that moneyPosted on Apr 30, 2016

Leonard C Price:

I recently ordered a head gasket kit order #45432525 was told a few days later it was not in stock all the alternate parts were at least $25 higher sounds like a bait and switch scam to me. They sent the head bolts which are worthless to me now they will be going back!! I fond the gasket set with the bolts at another seller for $40 less. Do not think i will shopping here again!! Posted on Apr 28, 2016

Giles Tremblay:

Order #45322457 packed by "checkmark". Well "checkmark" can't count to four. Four items checked, but only tire items in an intact box. I got my 3 Volvo items. How about you guys sending me the Audi TT part that I paid for. Packed by "checkmark" is not a deterrent to shoddy work.Posted on Apr 26, 2016


I got a discount on my parts and I didn't see it on my order. I put it where you said to and nothing. is it done at the store or what?Posted on Apr 19, 2016


This is not a Complaint. I am new to your site and therefore I need to take your help. I have Honda Civic 2003 4-door sedan. I am not able to find part number to locate its availability. I need Left-side motor mount….1 Radiator side motor mount….1 Right-side motor mount ….1 Please guide me. Thanks Dev PatelPosted on Apr 19, 2016

luke schremm:

Hello, my name is Luke schremm and I just recently placed an order 45087163 and I set it up for 4 payments of $53 to pay it off but it never told me how exactly it was going to be taken out exactly just trying to get more details on that thank you for your time hope to hear from you soon.Posted on Apr 17, 2016

Charles hlawek:

Front brakes squeal and are grabby would like to replace with a better or different brand. Posted on Apr 13, 2016

Erik Kvitanes:

Hey, i need to get a power steering pump pulley for my power steering pump: cardone select A1 96-7052 i recently bought from you. Looked in your catalog but did not find any, do you have one? Need one real bad. ErikPosted on Apr 11, 2016

amanda lee:

seems like everyone is having a problem contacting yo all for an answer to a problem or wrong parts for the vehicle. my order numbers are 44203738 & 40899710 which didn't fit anywhere close to my vehicle part ( r & L) window regulators with motor included. yo all need to fix your shipping the wrong parts and customers are having a hard time trying to reach yo by phone and a hard time by email. this is ridiculous!!!! never to order from yo all again. I'd rather pay a little more money and get the RIGHT PART then to by from yo and get the wrong parts I needed.Posted on Apr 08, 2016

amanda lee:

you sent me the wrong parts for my vehicle every time I order from you. I want a refund of the total amount I paid for these parts and another thing is that there is never anyone to take a call with a complication with a part that was ordered. customer service rates a flat in my opinion!Posted on Apr 08, 2016

joseph christman:

i think the part i received is wrong. i ordered a throttle body gasket for a 2003 linc. navi. 5.4ltr and received a gasket for 97to98 4.6 ltr. please advise this is the first order from yo i have made.Posted on Apr 08, 2016

Bill Oglesby:

Package not received. Order # 43961214 - Dorman PN: 1631367 was shipped via Fed-Ex on 3/24/16 and arrived in Nashville TN, with last activity on 3/25/16. Fed-Ex Tracking # 629299918827413, Case Reference #0401615980. Fed Ex still tracing. Possibly sent back to Vendor. Please help!, waiting on package.Posted on Apr 06, 2016


It was my mistake. I ordered a timing belt for my 2004 Toyota Tundra 4.7L V8 and I need the sypertine belt. I have exceed the 30 day return policy. I am a good customer of Rock A to. I have the original box and everything needed to return for the correct item. Can you please take my return and I will pay the difference for the correct part. I apologize for the hassle. Order #42246893. Thank you so much.Posted on Apr 06, 2016

Roy willingham jr:

Receives a distributor for 97 jeep grand Cherokee installed it the next day started the jeep noticed it slightly moving as its running. As it appears the neck or housing has a clean break all the way around it.Posted on Apr 03, 2016


Charged my account but didn't accept my transaction? Stole my money!!Posted on Mar 25, 2016


Hello Rockauto, I am very displeased to be writing to you about a package I haven't received in a month the order number 43094033 and tracking number 782532245867. I have already checked with my FedEx and they have said that the package never left. its location in other words it could be lost please, your quickest response would be nice this is the 2nd time I am contacting you guys.Posted on Mar 22, 2016

Dan Conley:

I can't cancel my order the change order box won't open. Order no. is 4331 4338Posted on Mar 11, 2016

Milton Wright:

Received a bumper cover today that wasn't painted completely. Someone masked over the green and painted the masking tape black. Needle to install it though because my car was without a bumper.Posted on Mar 04, 2016

Leonardo Mangiolino:

I had order a front wheel bearing hub assembly for 2000 dodge stratus, the part came in as expected but in the mean time the owner of the car had an accident with the car a total loss, I returned the item as per instructions for a refund to my account, my question is there a charge for the return part? all together am very pleased with the parts and service I received from Rock-Auto will business again in the future.Posted on Mar 03, 2016

Kevin Flick:

Worst customer service ever, they don't care that when I ordered the part I paid $45.00 for next day delivery but when it was missing pieces I have to wait a day for them to email me on how to send it back, then I have to get it to FedEx and it's not going back the same 1 day service I paid for then I have to wait some more for the part to come back to me and when they send it to me it will still be missing the part, how do I know that it will be missing? Because I talked to the distributors of the part and they assured me that this part does not come with the missing part that's why it's missing because Rock Auto makes false claims about the parts they sell.Posted on Mar 02, 2016

Nazeer imam:

I need a Carburetor kit and fuel pump for S10 Chevy Blazer 1984 2.8 L, please send me cost and shipping. I will send my payment info. by phone. ThankyouPosted on Feb 21, 2016


Hello, we ordered oil stem seals for a Hyundai Get'z but received stem seals for a daihatsu. We received the part after over a month of waiting, the mechanic came and said they was nothing like what we need. We have taken photos to send to you. thank youPosted on Feb 14, 2016

Jack Mintier:

I am looking for the steel lines that go from the transmission case on the passenger side to the radiator on the Passenger side. I ordered transmission cooler lines and got something completely different and VERY WRONG.. my vehicle is a 1996 chev TAHOE LT 4DR 4WD. 5.7 engine and a 4L60E transmission. These lines feed transmission oil to the radiator and back to the trans for cooling .Posted on Feb 06, 2016


I recently order a set of transmission shift solenoids, the parts I received did not fit nor do they even match the photo that was on the order page. I needed a total of 3 solenoids and there were 4 in the box they look nothing like the photo on the page. Why do I need to pay for the shipping? When i clearly was sent the wrong part.Posted on Jan 17, 2016

William Rutckyj:

William Rutckyj: Ordered a tail lens for a F150, shows it was delivered, they cannot find it anywhere, tried to follow it but they seem to have trouble locating shipper. Shipping # as follows 39256681. Any info on this matter would be greatly appriciatedPosted on Jan 12, 2016

Kimberly Smith:

I have called once to return a part that has a warranty. They were supposed to email me the return information. I have waited 3 days and still nothing in my email account and I have checked repeatedly all folders.Posted on Jan 03, 2016

Edwin Maldonado Soto:

I recently bought a Bumper Step Padfor my 1999 Ford E-250 van, and I realized I would also need additional padding for the small step on the bumper, which the product I ordered doesn't include (which is fine, my mistake). I have looked throughout your site but can't find this item. Do you sell it? ThanksPosted on Dec 23, 2015

Rose Ann Light:

I am requesting that your company send my part over night to replace the defected one. I need to have my car for my job. I travel and already missed a days work when the strut broke. I am so not satisfied I have to also have the part replaced on my dime after I receive it. If the part was not defextive I wouldn't have lost a days work or another bill to have a shop replace the part. Not sure if I'm going to order from your company again.Posted on Dec 06, 2015

fred ildefonso:

I am not a mechanic but i just to check this item fits on my 89 honda civic 3 doors model #f1300 Reman standard transmission throttle body before. I will buy this items. I used to buy some parts in the past.Posted on Sep 15, 2015

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